Case Studies & Partners

Our Relationship with T-Mobile

The backbone of our business resides with our strong partnership with T-Mobile, America’s largest 5G Network.  We are in a unique position as we are their Premiere Aggregator of network service. As the conduit between our partners and the carrier, we can catch issues before they arise, seamlessly solve for new solutions and bear the financial responsibly allowing our partners to focus on their business and it’s growth.

What our partners have to say about us:

“We came to PWG with a vision and a business plan. Partnering with them not only provided us with enterprise level tools for our operations, but we also leveraged their deep industry knowledge and equipment financing program to throttle Excess telecom to the success it is today. They truly understand how to leverage relationships & fight for your success. Highly recommended.”

Cobby Pourtavosi


“As a long time MVNO in the Lifeline and ACP business, we were in need of a network partner that understands our technological needs, as well as operational and compliance needs. The business rules associated with Lifeline and ACP are complex, with razor sharp margins, and high risks. PWG was the clear partner for Easy Wireless due to their robust network tools, and deep involvement in the National Lifeline Association.”

Jose Cortes

Chief Strategy Officer, Easy Wireless / Telecom Service Bureau

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